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The Simple Truth

Discover the Simple Truth of your business

Tired of management fads?
Sick of living with chaos, being a one-minute manager, trying to outdo Deming, moving your cheese, and getting your people to fish their way to success?
The Simple Truth is for you!
Authors Alex Brennan-Martin and Larry Taylor explain how to:
  • Discover the Simple Truth of your business
  • See the world through "customer eyes"
  • Harness the power of your staff's self-interest
  • Hook customers with the Secret Ingredient:  Hospitality, not just customer service
Finding your Simple Truth can be like having a positive silent partner always on your side.  Using examples drawn from businesses of all types and sizes, The Simple Truth explains straight forward techniques that can lead to lasting success - and profits!

Understanding the Simple Truth

In Alice in Wonderland, when Alice arrives at a crossroad, the Cheshire Cat asks: “Where do you want to go?” Alice replies, “Why, I don’t know.”  “Then any road will do,” says the Cheshire Cat.
Five years ago, I found myself at Alice’s crossroad. Before I could decide the best road for my business to take, I had to ask what I wanted my business to be.

Obviously, I’m in the restaurant business. If you looked up the phone number for my business, you would find it listed in the Yellow Pages under “restaurants” — along with 4,595 other restaurants. If we produced an annual report, you would learn that Brennan’s of Houston has often been listed in the Top 100 independent restaurants in America and one of the highest “reader poll rated” restaurants in the city. We employ about 100 people and have served more than five million customers.

With a little research you would also learn that my family has enjoyed success in the restaurant business for more than 50 years. My mother, Ella Brennan, is part of the Brennan’s family in New Orleans and is an owner of Commander’s Palace, which is consistently rated the No.1 restaurant in New Orleans by Zagat and has won just about every hospitality industry award possible.

But like you, I am not in the restaurant business.

And in reality, you are not in the business of selling cars, building buildings, making widgets, trading stocks, or whatever the Yellow Pages publishers think you do.

After much soul-searching, I concluded that I was taking the same path that all restaurateurs were taking. All my competitors believed they were in the business of preparing and serving gourmet-quality meals to discriminating diners. It was a crowded path, which made it difficult for my restaurant to stand out. I needed to find a new path: one that was my own; one that separated my business from the pack; one that allowed my restaurant to stand out and to be outstanding.

That search eventually led me to understand what I call the Simple Truth of my business.

The Simple Truth answers the two most important questions in your quest for excellence and success:
  • What is the real product my customer is buying?
  • What special ingredient differentiates my product and why is my customer really buying what I am selling?
The Simple Truth is more a feeling customers have than an object they can see, but it is very real to them. The Simple Truth taps into the emotional connection that consumers have with the brand.

Arriving at the Simple Truth means truly understanding what business you are in, why you are in business, and how you will deliver a value-added point of difference to your customers.

The Simple Truth brings laser-sharp focus to every decision you make because it is the unadulterated essence of why your business exists and the most sacred belief by which all decisions are made.

The Simple Truth will set you free.